John Cage Workshop 2022

Most important: vegan Catering all day through by A.U. (= Amazing Ute). We saved around 160-300 kg CO2 over 8 days.*
If you'd also like to know how our Workshop went: well, we did some fab concerts. 3 of them. Including Cage's 110th Birthday Party, a Fördervereinskonzert (wonderful German word) and our Final Concert of the Workshop. We also inaugurated a mindblowing sculpture called "Decay" in collaboration with the Impuls Festival, and enjoyed a luxury lunch with the Cage Förderverein. And had tea time with Petra's incredible cakes at the Stephanus Café. And then there were of course all those lessons, coachings, lessons, coachings, lessons, c... (you got the point). Physical Training with Yeri, Voice Physicality and Stage Tech Knowledge with Gunnar, Cage Intro Lecture and Imrov with Christoph, Piano Coachings with Hyerim and all other voice stuff with Sarah....
All in all we were never too bored and even had some fun.
Feel free to apply for 2023
*Example Calculations:
- 11,52 kg CO2 vegane Spagetti Bolognese for 12 people versus 23,4 kg CO2 meat Bolognese
- 6,6 kg CO2 Oven Veggies for 12 people versus 21,12 kg CO2 Chickennuggets, Schnitzel&French Fries